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Recurrent dislocation of the shoulder is a well recognised problem which can lead to early arthritis of the shoulder if dislocations are left to continue through repeated injury. Patients needed to have open surgery earlier and many open techniques resulted in loss of movement which has now been well documented to contribute significantly to very early Osteoarthritis (gross wear and tear changes).

                                              Recurrent Dislocation of Shoulder

Recent Advance.

The exact pathology i.e. tearing of the capsule in the front of the shoulder--Bankart's lesion is treated by key hole surgery using the arthroscope . Apart from avoiding the scar patients also retain full movement of the shoulder which leads to normal shoulder function and strength. For patients who have looseness of the shoulder in all directions (MDI), shrinking of the joint capsule is possible with a special device known as VAPR.


Bankart's lesion            Arthroscopic repair of Bankart's lesion


                                              X-ray after arthroscopic repair with suture anchors