Joint Reconstruction Group, Chennai

Joint Replacements of the shoulder was always believed to lag behind hip and knee replacements in terms of successful results and thus was a less favoured option for the treatment of shoulder arthritis.


                                                      Shoulder Joint Replacement


Recent Advance

Product innovations ( known as 3rd generation designs) of shoulder replacements which duplicate the normal anatomy of the shoulder closely now gives excellent and predictable clinical results, matching those of hip and knee replacement in every way. The 'Aequalis' design from France is an outstanding 3rd generation design and is used in this unit. For younger people with intact cuff muscles , Resurfacing of the shoulder is possible as in hip joints. The Copeland resurfacing prosthesis which is used in the unit a more conservative option which preserves bone stock. In some situations like rotator cuff arthropathy a bipolar shoulder prosthesis is used.


Copeland Resurfacing Prosthesis    Acqualis     Bipolar prosthesis x-ray


                                            Bipolar prossthesis