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Shoulder of Calcific Deposits Unlike the knee no post-traumatic conditions of the shoulder was recognised and most patients after significant shoulder injury without fractures received nothing more than ice packs and ointment. Shoulders

Recent Advance.

After the advent of shoulder arthroscopy, specific soft tissue injury entities have been recognised both after acute injury and due to chronic overuse (e.g. cricket bowlers) Some of the common ones are

1. SLAP Lesion
2. Labral tears
3. Bankart's lesion
4. Cuff tendon rupture
5. Osteochondral injury

All of these can be treated by Arthroscopic techniques and the patient can return to pre-injury status with the same functional capacity.

S.L.A.P tear repaired through the arthroscope

S.L.A.P tear repaired through the arthroscope
Shoulder of Calcific Deposits