Joint Reconstruction Group, Chennai


Shoulder OsteotomiesShoulder Osteotomies are done for persistent unreduced anterior or posterior dislocation.

Shoulder ArthroscopyShoulder Arthroscopy has revolutionised the management of shoulder problems. More than ninety percent of shoulder problems can be managed with arthroscopic techniques. Common disorder of the shoulder like recurrent dislocation, Impingement of shoulder, SLAP tears can be eminently managed with Arthroscopic or key hole surgeries. This has reduced the morbidity of shoulder surgery significantly. The Joint Reconstruction Group Chennai has one of the largest series in south India for arthroscopic stabilisation. Many of the arthroscopic shoulder surgeries are performed as a day care procedure.

Hip Knee Shoulder Surgical Center

Replacement (arthroplasty) of the shoulder had traditionally copied hip replacement and were designed on similar lines. After the success of hip resurfacings, shoulder resurfacing with bone conservation has taken over as the best way to deal with arthritic shoulder. Conventional shoulder replacements with stems are reserved only for fracture situations and extreme pre operative bone loss.