Joint Reconstruction Group, Chennai

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Kim Reiser had her Hip Resurfacing in chennai.She has the following to report by e-mail

I continue to be excited and thankful about my progress. At the end of week 4, I was hiking at the edge of the wilderness again and doing stream crossings in the crystal clean mountain water. (photo attached) During the 6th week, my hiking time was up to 8 hours on relatively easy terrain along the headwaters of the Dearborn river. My quads and hamstrings are building strength daily and the ROM is almost back to normal. I still am challenged by a full squat but I keep working on it each day using props for support.

I don't tire of telling you how grateful I am to be walking again and to be able to enjoy the restorative beauty of the Montana mountains--it's absolutely terrific!

I passed my physical exam for entry into the RN program with flying colors. The doctor was amazed at my quick recovery and declared me top fit for clinical rotations. Now just one more year to go and I'll transitions from an LPN to an RN and then hope to work on the med/surg floor in the veterans hospital here in Helena.

I hope all is well with you and the staff at the Apollo hospital - Hip Resurfacing (http://www.hipresurfacingindia.com) . Kindly pass along my fond regards.


Kim Rieser Helena, MT


Ms.Kim Reiser - Mountain Hiker