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Dr. Vijay Bose Joint Director & Orthopedic Surgeon SRM Institutes for Medical Science(SIMS), Chennai, India

Dr. Bose is a UK board certified surgeon that specializes in hip and shoulder surgery, most notably Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, of which he has done more than 1200 cases, representing the largest series in Asia and the 5th largest in the world.

In addition, Dr. Bose pioneered the Neck Capsule Preserving Method related to hip resurfacing, significantly reducing the chance of hip dislocation in the first weeks after surgery and allowing his patients a full range of motion during that time.

Dr. Bose also is one of three orthopedic surgeons in the world specializing in treating AVN patients (Avascular Necrosis), of which he has done more than 400 cases, more than any other surgeon in the world.

Finally, Dr. Bose is one of only 7 surgeons in the world to have been given permission to utilize the BMHR (Birmingham Mid Head Resection) device.

Dr. Bose has had many athletes as his patients, many of whom have returned to their sports.

Source: www.hipresurfacingindia.com