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Revolutionary Ceramic Coated Knee Replacement performed for the 1st time in South India at Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai.

Headed by Dr. Vijay. C Bose, Senior consultant Orthopedic surgeon the team of Orthopaedic surgeons at Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai have performed a revolutionary Ceramic-Coated Knee Replacement Surgery for the first time in South India.

The team at Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai have performed Knee replacements on 3 patients from March 2009. Speaking about the innovative procedure, Dr. Vijay C. Bose Senior consultant Orthopedic surgeon said, " The Ceramic Coated Knee (OxiniumTM) design" is a revolutionary new alloy that provides improved wear characteristics in knee replacement and could last twice as long as standard devices.

He added, "A breakthrough in knee replacement technology from Orthopaedic specialists, Smith & Nephew, means that millions of people who suffer with arthritis in the India can now benefit from the new Ceramic Coated knee, which could last their lifetime due to its superior strength, high wear resistance and endurance. It also means that younger patients, who have suffered severe pain and immobility while waiting years to be offered a knee replacement, may no longer have to henceforth."

OxiniumTM material is a unique and advanced bearing product technology created through manufacturing process that transforms the surface of the native metal to a ceramic. This results in a material that incorporates the best features of ceramic and metal. It has the strength of a metal prosthesis but showing the wear characteristics of a ceramic. Finally younger and active patients in India can look forward to relief from their painful arthritic knees.

Source: Courtesy: http://www.delhi.apollohospitals.com