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Hip Resurfacing India - Patient Experience from Jane Schaeffer

After 4 years of being told I had herniated discs causing sciatic pain, my Thai massage therapist, Mr. Brian Rahm , noticed that all the tight muscles in my body were around my Hip, suggested I get a Hip x-ray and consider Resurfacing. I got the x-ray and sure enough my Hip Joint was bone on bone , no cartilage left. No wonder I had big pain and trouble walking!

Then the discussion about whether to have a full on Hip Replacement (which is insurance reimbursed for people my age) or try to get the hip resurfaced. After much discussion and extensive online research, I determined that Hip Resurfacing was the answer: it preserves as much of the body as possible, covering the aceteblum and femoral head after the arthritic material is grated off and since the new covering is metal, chrome and cobalt, it should have a Life Time Guarantee (versus Hip Replacement which may last 5-15 years depending on usage).

Next question was where to have it done? I eventually chose a Surgeon in Chennai, India. Working through a Medical Tourism Agency, healthbase.com (www.healthbase.com - and you will get a phone call from "Moe"), My xrays and Medical History were sent to Surgeons all over the world . Dr. Vijay Bose at Apollo Specialty Hospital in India was the Only One to immediately say YES!, No Problem. In fact, the ONLY ONE. Others were concerned about my age, (64), about my bone health, (I have been diagnosed with osteopenia), my kidney functioning (I've had 2 incidents of kidney stones - 35 years apart!).

Source: www.hipresurfacingindia.com