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29 April 2010 - Mr.Gary Klein from U.S.A. had both his hips resurfaced by Dr.Vijay Bose.one in 2006 and other in 2008.


Mr.Gary Klein from U.S.A. had both his hips resurfaced by Dr.Vijay Bose.one in 2006 and other in 2008.


In July, 2006, Drs Bose and Biswala (posing next to me in this 2008 photo), my "heroes", performed my first hip surgery at Apollo Hospital, in Chennai, India. In 2008, when my left hip cartilage was as kaput as my right hip was two years prior (and it hurt just to walk as my hip bones rubbed together), I decided I desperately needed the same attention.

I could have easily gone to a local hospital (considering the procedure was finally covered by insurance) but I remembered my decision to go to Apollo in 2006 and the experience I had there. I made the tough decision whether to get a total hip replacement locally and never run again, or get a hip resurfacing and possibly run again - which I could only afford out-of-pocket if I went to India. So...India it was!
Dr. Vijay Bose is, in my opinion, the best (and nicest) surgeon in the world. He could have practiced anywhere, yet he decided to serve in his home town and offer prices that couldn’t be beat. His assistants were also outstanding in every way! Going back for my second hip replacement was a celebration, because I got to meet my heroes all over again. (Now, if only I had a third hip!)

I last entered an organized running event in 2004, and in June 2009 I field-marshaled the "Running of the Monk" 5K in Springfield, Delaware County, sponsored by the Delaware County Road Runners Club, of which I am a member. There must have been at least 200 Students Run Philly Style participants. Many acknowledged me as I urged them on for the final mile, and I could see they were giving it their all. I later got to hand out water cups to several of these runners at the 16th and 25th mile markers of the 2009 Philadelphia Marathon - I could really feel their sense of commitment.

I had to go all the way to India to find the right surgery team for my needs, but I only have to go to the Please Touch Museum on April 17th to make my proper return to an organized running event after a 6-year hiatus. I am excited that I will not only get to honor my surgical heroes, but also run alongside these wonderful runners I've been rooting for - my US heroes!

 Mr.Gary Klein had his hips resurfaced by Dr. Vijay Bose.


 Mr.Gary Klein from U.S.A. had both his hips resurfaced by Dr.Vijay Bose, one hip in the year  2006 and other in 2008. He took part in the gener8tionrun. It is an 8K run, .8K walk and a family festival. This fundraising event is for people who want to honour and celebrate important people who have influenced their lives.by running on Saturday April 17th 2010 .gener8tionrun is the signature fundraising event of Students Run Philly Style, the only program in Philadelphia that helps youth go farther through mentorship and long distance running.
Mr. Gary’s testimonial
 Dear Dr. Bose, Dr. Bis, Mr. Mohan and Mr. Pandian,
I pounded those BHRs  good and hard – letting them do all the work!  A few obstacles made my time slower than I wanted, but I did place in the top 25% of all finishers and almost got a nice award as the results had me in second in the 50-59 age group – see below.  But a week later they filled in the ages of some runners that did not have their age submitted, so I officially came in 4th in my age group, just missing 3rd (but I’m pasting the initial reported results below)
Thank you for Gold Standard surgery and treatment!

 -********* MALE 8K RUN AGE GROUP: 50 - 59 **********
Place Name S Age City St Finish Pace
===== ======================= = === ================== == ======= =====
1 Frank Milideo M 54 Ocean City NJ 36:47 7:24
2 Gary Klein M 55 Upland PA 41:43 8:24
3 Thomas Clark M 57 Philadelphia PA 42:56 8:39

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