Joint Reconstruction Group, Chennai

1. To function as a highly specialized surgical centre where patients from all over the world can travel to for having Hip Resurfacing Surgery at a very affordable price. They can benefit from the vast experience of the surgical team. It is now widely accepted that the surgeon's experience is the most important determinant of the success of Hip Resurfacing Surgery.

2. To serve as a visitation centre where surgeons could visit to observe hip resurfacing surgery along with the recent developments of Minimally Invasiving Resurfacing(MIR), navigated resurfacing and the biological NCP (Neck Capsule Preserving approach)

3. To formulate guidelines in the treatment of pathologies peculiar to Asia like AVN by grouping in the experiences of Asian surgeons.

4. To collect and analyse data on Hip Resurfacing from centres in Asia and maintain a registry for asian patients.